Line Editing

(Editing at the paragraph and sentence level)

The Next Chapter offers a Line Editing service that focuses on each sentence and paragraph (rather than the broad story-scope) of your manuscript. Rather than evaluating whole pages or scenes, it’s about refining sentence structure and flow to improve fluidity and overall reader satisfaction. Line edits are targeted at refining things like syntax and tempo, and can correct verbosity, awkward sentence structure, and other issues that make your writing appear “unpolished.”

Line editing also focuses on elements such as variation of sentence construction, resolving ambiguities, “showing” vs. “telling”, word and phrase repetition/overuse, ensuring dialogue is age appropriate and culturally accurate, amping up or toning down sex scenes, world-building consistency, clichés, fact-checking elements that affect other details in the story, ensuring chapters break in the right spot and end with a hook, timeline consistency, and more.