Before deciding what service is right for you and your manuscript, please read and consider the following:

It is vitally important that you be honest with yourself when assessing your work and the utility of key elements within (plot, character, etc.). If you select a service that is inadequate (or too intensive) for your project, valuable time will be wasted by both author and editor.

Different types of editing are done in separate phases, so it’s not always possible to resolve certain types of plotting/character issues in a single pass. Sometimes a deeper dive and significant collaboration is required to achieve your desired outcome. On the other hand, not all manuscripts need the same level of scrutiny and revision before they are ready for publication.

If The Next Chapter is contracted to work on your manuscript at a certain level and it becomes clear to either party that a higher (or lower) level of editing is needed, your quote for services can be altered and adjusted in a way that makes sense for both author and editor.

While important in any good working relationship, collaboration and communication are absolutely essential to the success of an author/editor partnership. Ask questions if you feel you don’t understand something, and argue your case if you disagree with suggested changes!

“The Menu” provides detailed explanations of the various editing and writing services provided by The Next Chapter. Though some editors will combine the term “Developmental Editing” with the term “Substantive Editing”, I prefer to keep them separate and as two distinct methods of review. This is also true of “Copy Editing” and “Proofreading.”